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Music has been proven to build confidence, communication skills and inspire creativity in children. It aids in education including reading, writing and math skills and encourages better cognitive, mental and emotional skills that lasts their entire life. Your children will receive the best music training and learn how to perform and build memories with these wonderful performing groups.
Stacy Taylor-Certified Early Childhood Educator and music director
Music Programs 
 Little Voices: A fun and musical experience where  your young child learns to grow and discover through music. Rhythm games, songs to sing, pictures to color, crafts, puppets that come to life through song and more! The lesson is designed for the child looking to find their musical voice. Early childhood DAP standards. Please contact us for more information. Ages 3-8
$35.00 per child per half hour 
Liddle Fiddlers: Do you have a child who loves the violin? Does your child want to learn basic violin technique all while playing and having fun on their journey to becoming a great violinist? Then Liddle Fiddlers is perfect for your child. Children as young as three years old can learn to play the violin with Stacy based on a fun game playing colorful, book free lesson plan. A great start for the future virtuoso violinist. Call for more information! Ages 3-8
$35.00 per child per half hour

 Early Childhood Educational Tutoring

-Do you think children should be frustrated when learning?

-Do you think children should "try it on their own" when learning something new?

-Do you feel that your child is receiving the best attention in school to help them to grow and enhance their skills?

If you answered no to any of these questions then this method of tutoring is for your child! 

A wonderful way for your child to have fun and enhance their skills on reading, spelling, writing, science, geography and more! Once a week we will read, play games, do crafts and more all focused on their essential educational needs. Monarch Music Performance believes in hands on education and following DAP standards.
$25.00 for 45 minutes of structured tutoring
The Monarch tutoring method focuses on the Vygotsky approach where children are first taught and guided with positive reinforcement and then encouraged to try it on their own and expand their horizons with inspiration, motivation and courage. 

Music and Me: Music and Me is a 13 week packet program where your child engages in an activity with their violin. Practicing is different with this program! There may be a day where they make something with clay, color a picture, perform for their pet, journaling, and more! Not only are they enhancing their cognitive and hands on skills they also get technique, theory and the basics of music and violin to keep them towards working on their goals on their instrument. We mail the packet to you, including the necessary books to go along with it. Does your child play viola or cello? Let us know! Music and Me can be adjusted to fit your child's instrumental needs. $30.00

Currently seeking members!!

"Sunshine Strings Student Orchestra"

This wonderful string orchestra started in 2015 and first partnered with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church Choir. We are currently looking for members to join our orchestra. This orchestra is looking for student level violin, viola and cello players, but any age is welcome! You will enjoy playing with new friends and enjoy all styles of music as well as having performances with full choirs and band instruments. Our first concert was October 24th, 2015 at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church and we performed Vivaldi's Magnificat. We also performed for Easter Good Friday and Christmas.

A small audition is required. Contact today for this great performing opportunity!

$60.00 monthly tuition 

       *****Receive a discount when you sign up for lessons!*****


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