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Stacy Taylor-Owner

Monarch Music Performance is all about bringing out creativity, passion, meaning and expression  in music. Whatever you need musically, Monarch Music Performance is here to offer you the best lessons, musical program for you or your child, perfect song or memorable performance for your special event.
 Music is a gift, and something that brings joy. Come share your gifts with Monarch Music Performance
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Originally from Chicago IL, Stacy moved to Tucson AZ in 2008. Her philosophy is making sure each client and student find the answers to their musical questions with her assistance, knowledge, experience and passion in the arts. Stacy is living her dream job being a music teacher and performer and knew this has always been her calling. Stacy will do whatever it takes in providing you detailed and individualized lesson plans, practice tools and step by step planning to help you reach your goals on your instrument or voice and provide you the best performance at the best price. Thank you for visiting Monarch Music Performance~

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Stacy is accredited in Arizona NES in Music 
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